Symphytum orientale (White Comfrey) Viola lactea (Pale Dog-Violet) Genista tinctoria (Dyer's Greenweed)

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Helosciadium inundatum (Lesser Marshwort)

Hampshire Rare Plant Register

The Hampshire Rare Plant Register is a detailed catalogue of sites for Hampshire's rare, threatened and declining plants, with commentary and other background. The project to document our rare plants started in 2004 and resulted in the publication of a large book in early 2011. But it has always been recognised that this needs to be a 'live' document tracking changes on the ground and findings from new recording.

Since 2011 a limited number of species updates has been issued on the old Hants Plants web site. These are re-issued here, but expect to see more updates over the next few years.

The content of the Rare Plant Register is governed by the Hampshire Notables list, which is also used by Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre (HBIC) for planning purposes and the designation of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs). You will find the latest version of this, and other background information, under 'New (2020-) material'. The previous version and notes are under 'Original material'.

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